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If high gas prices have got you down, don't worry. The mechanics here at Heritage Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM Parkville have some helpful tips for how you can stretch every gallon of gasoline in your new Dodge car or Jeep® SUV.

Here are some of our top fuel-saving tips!

Drive Less Aggressively

Aggressive driving behaviors, like speeding, frequent lane changes, and slamming on the brakes to stop short, can all reduce your car's efficiency. As an added bonus, avoiding these behaviors can also keep you safer on the road.

Keep Up with Maintenance

Regular trips to our Jeep service center can also help your car operate more efficiently. One particularly important service is the oil change. Old oil can cause your engine to work harder and burn more gasoline than normal. Fresh oil keeps it running efficiently and helps you get the most out of every gallon of gasoline.

Stay as Aerodynamic as Possible

Open windows and some exterior accessories can create excess drag when you're driving at highway speeds. This, in turn, can reduce your fuel economy numbers. Close the windows and take off any parts that could affect how aerodynamic your vehicle is.

Ditch Excess Cargo

Excess weight can also reduce your fuel efficiency. So if your back seats and trunk are loaded up with extra cargo that you don't need for this trip, find another place for all that stuff. Your wallet will thank you. 

Keep Tires Inflated

Many drivers don't realize that improperly inflated tires can harm their fuel economy numbers. Check the pressure and if your tires are under the recommended psi, fill them up with air and get them properly inflated.

If you have any more questions about proper car care, visit our Dodge service center near Baltimore. Our mechanics are here to assist you!

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